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Last updated: 9 January 2020
Author: ,,sydneyrima3575
Price: Free
This chrome extension is quite popular with daily reviews of +- 0.0625
We present below the most important information:
The fastest and smartest way to create dif by your webcam

This extension is an open-source ? extension. What is it mean for you:

☑ It’s mean it’s safe. Everyone can inspect the source code.
☑ It’s mean that if you’re are a developer or intern your more than welcome to contribute code.

This extension is another extension of 1ce. Our mission is to advance open-source extensions.
Visit our website to learn more, and be part of the community:

If you have a question, visit the FAQ section on our website:

Usage Guide:

1. Install the extension (Click on the “Add to Chrome”)

2. Click on the extension icon (After you install it).

3. The browser will open new tab where you can see what your webcam input.

3. Allow the extnetion to access your webcam (In the browser’s confirm popup).

4. Choose gif time length in the input.

5. Click on “Start now” button. The image file will downloaded by your browser.

For more instruction visit the website:

Permissions explain:

No additionals permissions needed!
We don’t use this permission to anything else.

Data Usage:

We do not record any of your data usage. Everything stay private on your machine, until your decide you want to share it.

You can find more details about the chrome extension using

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This extension has around 247 users and 18 reviews.

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