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Last updated: 2 March 2020
Author: ,,Twenty-Five
Price: Free
This chrome extension is very popular with daily reviews of 0.0667
I give you below the actual important data:
When viewing feedback on Aliexpress the positive feedback and negative feedback are mixed together, making it very difficult to find what messages other people have left when they have had problems. The Aliexpress Seller Checker solves this problem by just displaying the all seller rating and feedback score in product page on Aliexpress directly.
+You can search goods in Aliexpress by image / photo (right click in any image on web pages and press “Search by this image on Aliexpress” button)
+Add and Post unlimited comments in main page of Aliexpress and in products pages across Facebook or Vkontakte
+Search and Find similar products on Aliexpress (icon under buy button)

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This chrome extension has around 20000 users and 509 reviews.

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