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Last updated: 19 August 2019
Author:,,Microsoft Corporation
Price: Free
This chrome extension is quite popular with daily reviews of 0.1250
I present here the actual useful information:
Firefox Send lets you share files with end-to-end encryption and a link that automatically expires. So you can keep what you share private and make sure your stuff doesn’t stay online forever.

Firefox Send for Chrome is a convenient extension opens up a popup window of Firefox Send for you to easily upload files and share links.

Firefox Send for Chrome is not officially affiliated with Firefox™ or any Firefox™ products. Firefox™ is a registered trademark of Mozilla Foundation.

Privacy Policy
We do not collect any personal information. We do not sell, trade, or rent Users personal identification information to others.
For details visit:

You can check out more details about the extension on

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This chrome extension has around 288 users and 1 reviews.

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