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Last updated: 1 April 2018
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The Ultimello is intended to extend the Trello application with some useful features.

Features in Ultimello:

– Connections between cards. This feature is still in BETA so your feedback is very much appreciated

– Sort lists by
* Due Date
* Title (alphabetically)
* Votes
* Labels
* Last activity date
* Creation Date.
* Date of appearance in the list
By default sorting is UI only, and is not saved as actual order of the cards, UNLESS you click “Apply current sorting”

– Showing cards count in the list’s title

New in 1.8.0
– Sort by Last Activity
– Improvements for overall sorting experience

New in 1.7.1
– Huge performance and memory improvements

New in 1.6.2
– fix for “too much of connections buttons”

New in 1.6
– fix for issue: “Unable to open a board or card after editing connections”

New in 1.5
– sort by “Date of appearance in the list”
– Default sort order for date based fields is now descendant

New in 1.4.42
– fix for issue with not showing the parent card in “show connections” mode
– fix for couple of bugs in cards count showing

New in 1.4.40
– now connected cards are saved as links
– bug fixes for the connected cards feature

New in 1.4.20
– fix compatibility issues with new Trello UI updates

New in 1.4.1
– fixed issue “Not able to turn off the connected cards feature”

New in 1.4
– NEW FEATURE: Connections between cards
– fixed issue with configuring labels sort order
New in 1.3.7
– fixed issue with saving sort order in Trello
New in 1.3.6
– fixed the issue with Ultimello not working when a card is opened via direct link

NEW in 1.3.5:
– now the sort state of the lists is saved and is automatically applied after the board loading. You can always “Reset” the sort state of the particular list if you don’t need it to be automatically sorted.

Fixed compatibility issues with other extensions.
Fixed issues with cards count.
Fixed incompatibility with localization.
Fixed issue with labels sorting order in a touch enabled devices.
Fixed compatibility issue with CardsCounter extension.
Ultimello now supports sorting by up to ten labels
Small improvement – cards without a Due date are ignored when sorted by Due Date.
Fixed bug – lists don’t resort after card update.
Fixed issue with compatibility with “Scrum for Trello” extension
Every feature now co

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This plugin has around 10000 users and 78 reviews.

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