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Last updated: 25 February 2020
Author:,[email protected],extensionmanagers
Price: Free
This plugin is quite popular with daily reviews of +- 44.7500
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Astar VPN – Free and fast VPN for everyone,Encrypt your connection, access our secure proxy servers & unblock websites easily.

Stay anonymous, secure and unlimited! Unblock any website with Astar VPN service
Astar VPN is the fastest and the most secure Proxy utility across the Chrome webstore. Astar VPN was designed on the edge of cyber security technologies as an evolution of restrictions bypass extension for the most popular websites. The most trusted, reliable and protected Proxy extension CIS countries is now available worldwide! With Astar VPN you can unblock, bypass government constraints and access any website anonymously, FREE and with ZERO connection restrictions.

Astar VPN runs a huge server network across the world and empowers Astar VPN users with premium security against hackers / data-snoopers / unauthorized surveillance / DDoS attacks.

Astar VPN Proxy service is totally Free VPN forever
No credit cards
No Registrations
No logs
No ads

Experience the easiest-to-use VPN extension. To get started, install the extension from Chrome store or official website absolutely FREE with a single click, choose the location of your choice or pick from the preloaded list of popular websites, and viola. You are good to go.

The extension comes loaded with fastest streaming servers, failsafe WebRTC leak protection, strongest encryption, unlimited bandwidth, and the capability to get past every type of geo-restriction.

Astar VPN is a best way to protect a private data, or if you want to keep your online activity private from the third parties, with Astar VPN you unlock restricted content in your country. Astar VPN builds a private and secured VPN tunnel to a website you want to get / open / visit
Astar VPN works without third party software as an OpenVPN.

The answer on the question why use a VPN is multiple:
Use VPN to protect private data

Unblock any blocked website and stay secure with Astar VPN. Easy use with one-click activation. Unlimited bandwidth!

Astar VPN is the world’s most trusted VPN & Proxy, and it’s now available on Chrome! Astar VPN easily lets you access blocked sites from around the world. Unblock Facebook, Twitter and other popular sites while keeping your browser activities safe & private!

• Super easy to use. Turn it on with 1 simple click! No mandatory account required to get started (like all other VPN extensions).
• New features include Ad Blocking, Tracker Blocking, Cookie Blocking and Malware Protection. All are available duri

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This plugin has around 100000 users and 2229 reviews.

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