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Last updated: 17 August 2017
Author: ,[email protected],HyunWooBro
Price: Free
This plugin is very popular with daily reviews of 0.1250
I present here the most useful information:
A powerful and lightweight Text editor, extractor for Google Drive.
This app allows you to edit the Text file, Extract plain text and mail attachments from a binary(msg, winmail.dat, pdf) file.

You can choose a text file to edit from Google Drive. Provides connect with Google Drive.
You can easily view or edit your text file, you can also use it as e-book reader to open txt novel. html, javascript, css… syntax highlighting, Vim editor mode support.

*Extract text from the binary file. Google Drive and Local Computer. Document to Text.
Supported formats:
epub(eBook),mobi(eBook),chm(HTML Help),hlp,fb2,tex,latex,mht,mhtml,hwp,Apple iWorks(pages,key)
msg(outlook, attachments),winmail.dat(TNEF format, attachments),pdf(attachments)
ics,ical,ifb,icalendar(iCalendar format to tsv) webarchive(extractor)
lnk(Windows lnk) DS_Store,DSStore(.DS_Store format)
dbf(dBase/dbf to csv, dbf to txt) fp3,fp5(Filemaker DB to txt) fdb(Firebird DB to csv, version 2.5 or lower)
wk4,123(Lotus wk4/123 to csv) vcf(VCard to csv)
smi,vtt,sbv,sub,stl(Subtitles to srt format, sbv: YouTube Subtitle, sub: SubViewer, stl: DVD Studio Pro)
srt(srt subtitle to web VTT format)
htm,html (optional)

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This chrome extension has around 10000 users and 153 reviews.

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