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Last updated: 9 June 2019
Author:,[email protected],Free Addon – Wallpapers & Themes for New Tab (30)
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I give you below the actual important data:
Bytes Route is a virtual assistant that enables you to learn the web as you go. You can use it to annotate a web page with just a few clicks.

It can help your friends learn how to use the web or train your employees or customers on how to use your web app.

It’s a simple, yet powerful, alternative for training videos that become outdated every time you change your web app. The interactive tutorials (rtlet) created with Bytes Route always run on the latest version of your website.

More info:

* rtlet (to be read as “route-let”) – that’s our name for a Bytes Route tutorial

You can find more details about the chrome extension using

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This plugin has around 1000 users and 3 reviews.

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