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Make a plugin just like Buffer

Last updated: 10 February 2020
Author:,,Buffer\, Inc.
Price: Free
This chrome extension is quite popular with each days reviews of +- 0.1250
We present below the actual useful data:
When you find something that you don’t have time to view right now, but you’re not sure if it’s worth making a bookmark – Snooze it!

☆☆☆ Featured in,,, and! ☆☆☆

Extension Features:
* Snooze tabs and have them popup later when you have time for them
* Snooze multiple tabs at a time
* Use default snoozing timings or create your own custom timings
* Recurring tabs that popup every hour, day, week, month or year → Open news site every day at 08:00? No problem!
* Export tabs in a variety of formats
* Keyboard shortcuts for quick snoozing
* Completely free

Help us:
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Support the Snooze Tabby community by giving us a great review and share with others!

Help & suggestions:
Help center:
Suggestions and bugs: [email protected]

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This plugin has around 7000 users and 88 reviews.

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    create plugin Buffer

    Make an extension similar to Buffer

    Last updated: 15 January 2020
    Author: ,,Buffer\, Inc.
    Price: Free
    This chrome extension is very popular with daily reviews of +- 0.1429
    I present here the most important data:
    ## Highlights

    – Beautiful file icons ported from [Atom](
    – Perfect combination with [Octotree]( extension
    – Support Github Enterprise (Access your Github Enterprise, right click on the extension icon, and choose `Enable Github Enterprise`)
    – Support both color and dark icons (Right click on the extension icon, and choose `Change icons color`)

    You can check out more information about this chrome extension on

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    This plugin has around 1000 users and 14 reviews.

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