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Last updated: 3 August 2019
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PDF2Go is an online PDF editor and converter.

★ Increase your productivity and compress, merge, split, repair or rotate PDF files and pages.

How to use the PDF2Go Chrome Extension:

★ Right click on an image of a website. You will see one additional entry from our tool which allows you to convert the image below your mouse pointer to a PDF file. Optionally you can convert the whole website to a PDF file. After you click the link in our tool, you will be redirected to and can select further options (like character recognition to create hybrid PDF files). Click on “Save” and your image will be converted to a PDF file.

★ Right click on any link on a website. You will have the option to convert the link target to a PDF. If the link target is a website, you get a PDF of the whole website. If the link target is a file (e.g. a Microsoft Word document), then this document is converted to PDF.

By installing the extension, you agree to the Privacy and Terms (

You can check out more details about the extension on

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This plugin has around 200000 users and 1541 reviews.

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