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Last updated: 19 May 2018
Price: Free
This chrome extension is very popular with daily reviews of +- 0.1250
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Once installed your homepage, new tab and omnibar will become the ultimate Lions fan experience. Enjoy HD backgrounds, latest team news, next game schedule, videos and more. Stay up-to-date with everything Lions and enjoy these additional features:

• Latest News, Videos, Upcoming Game Schedule & Photos
• Quick Links to Full Schedule, Pro Shop, Game Tickets & Social Media
• Trending News Around the Web
• Quick Tab for Lions News & Videos
• Web Search
• Local Weather Forecast
• Favorite Web Links
• To-Do List & More!

Get quick access to the Lions news and videos anywhere online using the Quick Tab. Simply click on the Lions icon at the top right of your browser to access the Quick Tab.

Enjoy searching the Lions website through the omnibar as well as having access to the most popular web pages with simple commands. To quickly search the website, simply use the omnibar, type “Lions”, then press the space bar or tab key and enter the keywords you want to search:

• “Schedule” to go to the schedule page
• “News” to go to the news page
• “Video” to go to the videos page
• “Tickets” to go to the tickets page
• “Shop” to go to the official shop

By clicking “Add to Chrome” and installing the Detroit Lions Browser App, you accept and agree to abide by the End User License Agreement (found here: and Privacy Policy (found here: For instructions on how to remove the extension, please visit:

Our extension makes use of the following permissions:

“Read and change your data on all sites”
This permission allows us to access the website we own and manage in order to provide the content and features for the extension.

“Replace the page you see when opening a new tab”
This permission allows us to show you our new tab page with features and functionalities as described above.

“Change your search settings to”
This allows us to provide a custom search function that enables you to search directly on and on the web using Bing.

We hope you enjoy the Detroit Lions Browser App as much as we do!

Go Lions!

You can check out more information about this extension on

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This plugin has around 20000 users and 235 reviews.

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