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outsource plugin Yes Life Web

Make an extension similar to Yes Life Web

Last updated: 6 September 2019
Author: ,,androidott
Price: Free
This plugin is quite popular with each days reviews of +- 0.0000
We give you below the recent important data:
Amazon Price Ninja only has permission to view your Amazon Wishlist. When you view your Wishlist, APN will scour archives to find the price when you added the items and alert you if the price has increased since then. Amazon notifies you when a price drops but stands quiet when it increases.

Be aware if you added an item within the past 90 days and the price has increased!

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This chrome extension has around 1 users and 0 reviews.

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    create plugin AMR Player With Google Drive

    Create a plugin similar to AMR Player With Google Drive

    Last updated: 14 May 2019
    Author: ,,Smart Software
    Price: Free
    This chrome extension is very popular with daily reviews of +- 0.1429
    I present below the recent useful data:
    [email protected]

    2019.12.22 Update – Birthday Buddy Extension is currently working as expected. We have resolved the issues reported since a few days ago.

    Birthday Buddy is now fully automated!
    Please visit to create a fully automated schedule!
    Your BdayBuddy credentials will work to log in to BdayBud.
    With the fully automated version, this extension is no longer necessary, but will continue to be available for those that still want to use it.

    Whose birthday is coming up? If yours is next week, next month, or even next year, you probably got excited when asked that question. Forgetting someone’s birthday can be catastrophic! Today’s busy schedules can keep us from sending our wishes to those deserving of them. Birthday Buddy is your personal birthday assistant striving to help you send your wishes in unique ways and cool features 🙂

    Birthday Buddy revolutionizes the Facebook birthday scene; this extension automatically posts a personalized birthday wish on your Facebook friends’ walls when it is their birthday.

    12/22/19 – (same version) Fixed issue where Extension was not working due to upgrade in Chrome.
    05/11/19 – Fixes issue caused due to recent FB changes. Working again!
    11/22/18 – Fixes bug where messages would not get sent. Also fixes bug where belated was not working.
    11/17/18 – Fully automated is now available at
    10/02/18 – Fixes recent changes by Facebook that broke Birthday Buddy. Now it works again.
    11/18/17 – Adds belated birthday functionality
    11/11/17 – Allows apply wishes to be pushed multiple times
    11/04/17 – (Subscribers) Removes save button for automated wishes option in bday buddy settings. Bug fixed there as well.
    10/25/17 – Automated Birthday Wishes! Also fixes some bugs. New Feature! Enjoy!
    10/06/17 – FB changed their layout. This allows BdayBuddy to work again.
    9/27/17 – allows the birthday config link to appear on the birthdays page if there are no birthdays today.
    9/25/17 – released. Instructions updated (click cupcake extension icon in top right of browser).
    8/2/17 – Makes events page items more generic. No longer sends messages to birthdays from previous days.
    7/15/17- Updates events page to have a Birthday Buddy link
    7/10/17 – Update to extension to allow messages to be sent with new FaceBook birthday layout.
    6/22/17 – Reports that extension does not w

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    This extension has around 100000 users and 976 reviews.

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    create chrome TextApp – Free Texting

    Make an extension similar to TextApp – Free Texting

    Last updated: 6 January 2019
    Author: ,,kgnet
    Price: Free
    This chrome extension is quite popular with daily reviews of +- 0.1250
    I present below the most important data:
    This is the first Sega Genesis emulator on the chrome store!
    This is a ported version of AndroGens, a Sega Genesis emulator.
    Savestate does not work, but other than that, the app should work great.
    It might be a little laggy if your chromebook isn’t powerful enough.

    v1.4-fixed crashing by updating apk in package

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    This extension has around 10000 users and 41 reviews.

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