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Last updated: 9 December 2019
Author: ,[email protected],Pipedrive Inc
Price: Free
This plugin is quite popular with daily reviews of 0.0667
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Night/Dark mode for

You can now toggle the theme/calculation fields ON or OFF!

This theme offers a more dark tone to Podios website.
Its mainly just css replacement theme.

Theme colors are based on ‘Discord App’ branding.
If more themes are wanted, please let me know 🙂

Please let me know of any elements that are hard to read/not themed correctly.

Podio Night Mode.
Podio Dark Mode.

– 10/9/2019 – Themed ‘Card View’ into Night Mode
– 12/9/2019 – Corrected Expanding Long List of Apps / Corrected Footer in mid screen when theme was off

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This plugin has around 10000 users and 72 reviews.

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    make chrome Lenovo Enterprise 3D Product Catalog

    Create a plugin just like Lenovo Enterprise 3D Product Catalog

    Last updated: 5 December 2018
    Author: ,,HMX Media
    Price: Free
    This plugin is very popular with each days reviews of 0.0000
    I give you below the actual useful data:
    This is a very simple extension: It optionally places an “archive”, “delete”, “mark as read/unread” or “mark as spam” button next to each message in your Gmailâ„¢ inbox.

    Now you can archive, delete, mark as read or mark as spam any message with just one click.

    ==== What it does ====

    It triggers the normal Gmailâ„¢ action, nothing else.

    So it does exactly what you already expect from Gmailâ„¢:

    – the message is removed from the inbox list,
    – you can click the standard Gmailâ„¢ “undo” message, and
    – it can still be found via search and your tags (for archive), or in your “Bin” folder (for delete – until permanently deleted)

    ==== Why is this Helpful? =====


    Normally from your Inbox, you have to either right-click, select, or open a message before it can be archived or deleted.

    Actions for Gmailâ„¢ reduces two (or more) clicks to one.


    Next, you would have to click the “archive” or “delete” button at the top of your inbox, or from the message window.

    Now you’ve been distracted from sorting through your message list, and probably lost track of where you were up to.

    Instead, you just “archive” or “delete” right there in the inbox list, without losing your place.


    When sorting through your Inbox, you might select messages as you go.

    Now when you “archive” or “delete” a message, you stay right in your inbox list and all your existing selections are preserved.

    ==== Why Archive? =====

    Archiving is the first and most important step in getting organised and keeping your email under control. Read more from our blog here:

    ==== Privacy ====

    We know this is your email, not ours.

    All the processing for our extension happens on your computer. We never see any of your information. None of your messages. Not your name or email address. Nothing.

    And we will never email you unless you contact us and provide those details. We will never pass on your details to another party.

    ==== Advertising and Trial Limitations ====

    There is currently no 3rd party advertising or feature limitations imposed on this free trial.

    In future, there may be a fee for use.

    ==== Updates ====

    We are quick to respond to Gmailâ„¢ changes. Googleâ„¢ sometimes updates Gmailâ„¢, which can “break” an extension like ours. We take pride in responding very quickly with a fix so all our users stay happy.

    ==== What People are Saying ====

    “OMG. I’ve been looking for something like

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    This plugin has around 691 users and 7 reviews.

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