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outsource extension Checkbot: SEO, Web Speed & Security Tester ?

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Last updated: 11 December 2017
Author:,[email protected],Checkbot –
Price: Free
This chrome extension is quite popular with daily reviews of +- 0.2857
I present below the recent important information:
Pick your color online.

HTML Color Picker
Click on the image to get the html codes..

Use the online image color picker right to select a color and get the html Color Code of this pixel.
Also you get the HEX value, RGB value and HSV value.
You can put a picture url in the textbox below or upload your own image. (for example an screenshot of your desktop). Or use an website url, you will see a thumbnail on the right side.

Offline support, available soon.

You can check out more details about the chrome extension using

Want to learn more about making your own extensions. We have the know-how.

This plugin has around 100000 users and 514 reviews.

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