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Last updated: 11 March 2020
Author: ,,Petr Seleznev (@truepeter)
Price: Free
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Scanning for signs of malicious activity in every webpage, social account, or cloud service you use, Guardio’s cutting-edge technology makes sure nothing gets in.

Guardio’s mission is to protect you from the countless threats found online.

Guardio features:

✓ Malicious Site Block – Machine learning algorithms detect sites that attempt to defraud or infect with viruses.

✓ Service Breach Alerts – By cross referencing your email with leak databases you will be
notified when exposed.

✓ Extension Guard – Keeps your browser environment safe by scanning your extensions and add-ons.

✓ And much more…

Guardio offers a 7-day free trial, enjoy full protection at minimum cost. No strings attached.


We are available at [email protected] for all questions and support related issues.

Terms & conditions:

Privacy Policy:

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This plugin has around 5000 users and 59 reviews.

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