make chrome Cluster – Window & Tab Manager

Make a plugin similar to Cluster – Window & Tab Manager

Last updated: 24 December 2019
Author: ,,ops
Price: Free
This chrome extension is quite popular with daily reviews of +- 0.8750
I present here the actual important data:
Are you tired of your boring looking new tab?

By Installing this extension overrides the default new tab with a beautiful battlefield images, multifunctional and user friendly new tab.

⭐ Features of battlefield extension:

⭐ Customized new tab page featuring battlefield images in hd quality. Choose your favorite images, and even use many other new tab themes along with this one, not just battlefield images.

⭐ Speed-dial to your favorite websites like gmail or youtube with super-fast and super-stylish navigation links widget, beautiful and organized way to access your most-favorite sites.

⭐ Games – get a wide variety of games to play including puzzles, car games and awesome math games.

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This plugin has around 300000 users and 4656 reviews.

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