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Last updated: 23 March 2020
Author:,,Vikash Verma
Price: Free
This chrome extension is very popular with daily reviews of +- 0.1429
I give you here the recent useful information:
Allows extraction of the route

v.2.2.1 : Move TWS color for foil to STW, Change sail color, Add decimals for ATWA/ABTW values, Clean code
v.2.2 : Forget popup.css (sorry)
v2.1 : Local Time, GPS coordinates of points, GPX, header fixed / scroll table
v2.0: New icon, Local Time, Trigo Calc ATWA/ABTW.
v1.9.1 : bug (myself, sorry).
v1.9 : Modification px for popup.html.
v1.8 : Add Timezone.
v1.7 : Modification foil range and Correction bug BTWm.
v1.6 : Add version in popup.html.
v1.5 : Modification for foil (TWS/TWA Merge).
v1.4 : Add TWS color for foil.
v1.3 : Modification for Timezone (CEST / CET).
v1.2 : Modification Manifest.json for URL ( /
v1.1 : Add TWAm / BTWm.
v1.0 : First release (MonoRace).

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This extension has around 612 users and 4 reviews.

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