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Last updated: 31 August 2018
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Fluvid is the fastest and simplest screen, video and audio recording tool that is free for all.

? Record. Share. Engage.
? Everyone can master Fluvid. No experience necessary.

Show your team, customers, or friends exactly what you’re seeing with recorded videos and screenshots that can be annotated and shared instantly.

? Faster Video & Screen Recording
? Edit while & post Recording
? Instant Sharing
? Customized Thumbnails
? Controlled Access
? Customized Thumbnails
? Better Space Management

Fluvid is made for you

Whether you are a business owner, sales person, educator, student or a creator, Fluvid’s chrome extension allows you to record and edit your video messages for easier video communication and share instantly across social media platforms.

Who can use Fluvid and how?

1. Skilled Professionals

• Give lectures to students
• Tutorials on any topic
• Explain class assignments

2. Sales Person

• Give a detailed product demo to clients
• Sales pitching
• Run follow-ups with potential leads
• Training videos to teams
• Create presentations

3. Business Owners

• Reach out to clients and get instant feedback
• Provide complete customer support
• Recruitment reach out to talents
• Share brand message

4. Creators
• Create faster content and share with followers
• Reach out to fans and connect with them

5. Tech Developers

• Easier communication with team members
• Review code and share updates
• Review new features and communicate
• Bugs and code issue demonstrations

6. Designers

• Capture new design features and UX experiences
• Share designs with team members
• Collaborate with fellow designers and share ideas

Fluvid is made for you!

Whether you are a developer, sales person, student or a content creator, Fluvid’s chrome extension allows you to record and edit your video messages for easier video communication and share instantly with your friends, family & customers.

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▸ Tech Support: [email protected]
▸ Website:

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This extension has around 20000 users and 324 reviews.

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