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Last updated: 1 February 2019
Author:,[email protected],Zack Guard
Price: Free
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AutoConvert converts units, time zones and currencies, when you select them on a webpage.
Selecting metric units (e.g. 16 km) converts them to the imperial units (e.g. 10 mi), and vice versa (10 inch to 25 cm).
Time zones are converted to the detected local time zone.
Supported currencies are converted to your home currencies.

Conversions are automattic, and appear in a corner of the page as soon as you select any text containing convertible units.

Alternatively, convert any values by using the text box in the extension popup (press the extension button in the toolbar).

A list of supported units, currencies and time zones is available here:

** Currency conversion is a premium feature, and requires a purchase after the trial period. Please check if your currency is supported before purchasing.
* Converts up to 6 values in a selection. Unlimited conversions in popup.

Privacy policy is available here:


Update 26 Mar 2020:

1. If currency has million/billion/trillion specified, scale converted value to show appropriate digits
2. Show as many decimals as needed to show a non zero converted currency value (ignore 2 decimal places rule)
3. Background code update to prepare for Manifest V3

Update 19 Mar 2020:

1. Initial support for period (.) an Space as thousands separators, comma (,) as decimal separator (European number formats)
2. Drag and drop reordering of favourite time zones on settings screen (Supporters only)
3. Initial support for ranges of time zones, e.g. ‘5 PM to 8 PM London’

Update 07 Mar 2020:

1. Convert *C and *F as temperature.
2. Convert ” (two single quotes) as inches. Earlier this was converted as feet, only ” (double quote) was converted as inches.
3. Improvement to dimensions conversion: e.g. 20x30x60cm .
4. Show current time in all provided time zones when no text is present in popup.

Update 20 Jan 2020:

1. Conversion to inches also shows feet & inches conversion when relevant (e.g. 16 in also appears as 1 ft 4 in)
2. Locale-specific number formatting for conversions (lakh/crores for India, ‘.’ as 1000-separators for some European countries)
3. New app icon
4. Bug fixes
5. Notification about autoConvert for Android

Update 11 Jul 2019: Supporter update: multiple time zones

1. Give your own, easily identifiable names to

You can find more details about the extension using

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This plugin has around 4000 users and 6 reviews.

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