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Last updated: 13 August 2019
Price: Free
This chrome extension is very popular with daily reviews of 0.2857
We present below the most important information:
Bitly – Finest Smart URL Shortening Service

TOP Features:
– Absolutely FREE
– No sign-up or login required
– Just one-click to get short URL
– Auto-copy the short URL to clipboard
– Sharing over social networks
– Context Menu for direct links and selected text(auto-extract first link)
– Notifications to sharing critical updates
– Other features coming soon…

For any issues, errors, bugs and enhancements, please raise your request at

PERMISSIONS:- This app needs read permissions in order to provide some advanced functionalities.

* No adware. No spyware. No walmare.

===== Change Log =====
– Improved the features
– Better validations

– Feature to Retry shortening URLs if failures
– Some enhancements

– Notification enhancements
– HTTPS support

– Context Menu Support for both links and selected text

– Minor bug fixes

– New API changes and few improvements

– Improved URL validations

– Notification abilities to inform any service issues

– Features to share shortened links on social platforms

– Basic URL Shortening functions

Need quick help? Reach us at –

You can check out more information about this extension on

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This extension has around 9000 users and 339 reviews.

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