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Last updated: 2 April 2019
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Gmelius makes email the start of great teamwork.

✨ Highest Star Rating in our Class.
? Leader of the shared inbox space.

This is our browser extension that completes our solution for Gmail and G Suite customers.

Gmail Shared Inbox
✓ Create a Team inbox easily from Gmail
✓ Manage group emails like [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
✓ Customer service and support managed directly from Gmail
✓ Share your Inbox as a whole or specific conversations with Gmail labels

Gmail Shared Labels
✓ Shared Gmail labels to organize and delegate emails
✓ Synchronize conversations in real-time across all devices
✓ Turn ordinary Gmail labels into shareable communication channels

Kanban Project Boards
✓ Turn emails into task cards and add them to your project board
✓ Share Kanban boards with your team in one click, directly from your inbox

Team Collaboration
✓ Real-time syncing across all devices
✓ Assign emails to members of your team
✓ Email Notes for adding context to messages
✓ Turn emails into tasks and add them to your Kanban board

Workflow Automation
✓ Automated Sequences for internal workflows
✓ Bridge the gaps between communication and collaboration
✓ “When this email gets answered add it to this board and assign it to that team member”

Email Automation
✓ Personalized email campaigns sent with Mail Merge
✓ Automated Sequences – put your outreach on autopilot
✓ Automated Follow-Ups – you’ll never miss an opportunity
✓ “If This – Then That” your email flows based on recipient reactions

Shareable Email Templates
✓ Make email writing easy and fast
✓ Improve your team’s consistency and performance
✓ Proposal, Sales, Marketing, Custom Templates – easily created and shared

Recurring Email Scheduling
✓ Recurring emails, write them once and auto send

Email Notes
✓ Add notes in a chat-style thread alongside each email
✓ Collaborate privately, behind the scenes with your team
✓ Give context to each email, assign tasks, give directions
✓ @mention team members for accountability and clarity

Email Tracking Suite
✓ Track emails – know exactly when to follow up
✓ Gmail read receipt upgrade – invisibly track your recipients
✓ Per Recipient Tracking – detailed activity report for each recipient in CC
✓ Link-tracking: know if your recipient clicked on any of your links

Email Security
✓ Detect and block email trackers
✓ Quickly unsubscribe from newsletters

Gmail Mobile Apps
✓ Gmelius for iOS & Android
✓ Real-time syncing across all devices and all team members

Customize Gmail

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This extension has around 846 users and 6 reviews.

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