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Last updated: 8 May 2018
Author:,[email protected],Edge Wallpapers Lab
Price: Free
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Darkness for Chrome provides a dark mode for popular websites, significantly reducing eye strain and fatigue caused by a bright screen.

Free version offers dark themes for Google and Facebook. Upgrade to Pro to get dark themes for YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive, Twitter many other websites (Pro costs only $6.99).

✔ Dark color themes (not inverted colors)
✔ Handcrafted by designers
✔ Reduces eye strain, fatigue & headaches
✔ Eliminates annoying glare
✔ Helps you sleep faster and better

Darkness features 7 designer-made themes:
► Iceberg (Free)
► Tomorrow
► Material
► Dusk
► Red Alert
► Coffee
► Matrix

How to configure Darkness?
1. Visit a supported website like Facebook or Google.
2. Click the moon icon in the top-right corner of the website.

We care about our users – Darkness is 100% clean, adware and spyware free.
Read our privacy policy here:

Darkness is an open source project, available on GitHub:

You can check out more information about this plugin on

Want to know more around developing your own plugins. We have the know-how.

This plugin has around 3000 users and 300 reviews.

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