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Last updated: 11 June 2019
Author:,[email protected],baumhoto
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This chrome extension is very popular with each days reviews of +- 0.1429
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Snoopy appeared in Peanuts Comics on October 4, 1950. He is a loyal, innocent, imaginative and gentle dog. He is always sitting on the roof of the red dog house, constantly fantasizing, becoming a variety of incarnations, including becoming a writer, college student Joe queer, lawyer, sports player, astronaut, surgeon, ace of war Pilots and so on. The World War I ace pilot is considered to be one of the few imaginary figures in Snoopy, especially the pilot’s helmet, goggles, scarf, light cane, and his German ace pilot Manfred von Rich. The scene of Thohoven (Red Baron) fighting in the air, there is a computer shooting game and even called the Snoopy Wars Red Baron. Although Snoopy is involved in many things, he is basically immersed in the world of his own.

Snoopy wallpaper new tab page. The hottest, most popular HD theme wallpaper page for users. Updated daily and exciting every day.
The wallpaper can be changed automatically, and a new wallpaper will be automatically opened each time you open a new tab. The time display is more precise and the city location of the weather can be customized. Customizable minimalist mode, the most visited Chrome extension currently.

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This plugin has around 200000 users and 57 reviews.

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