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Last updated: 24 December 2018
Author: ,[email protected],aGhostDragon
Price: Free
This extension is very popular with daily reviews of +- 0.2500
We present here the recent useful information:
Its too much boring to surf without any kind of sound, sound on click will hopefully fix it.
This extension makes sound effects while you browse.
Its have a refresh/loading sound like explorer does and switching tab tone.
There is option page that let you change the volume and disable sounds.

if you don’t like the sounds your can disable the extension or specific sound by going to tools>extensions>options or chrome-extension://ejchjkneplcffgcopialnjofdhhggjik/options.html

new in:
a)Bug fix you can again disable sounds.
b)Slider volume changer.
c)groundwork for the next version which will include volume per sound
and getting close to custom audio.
default sound volume is now 50%.
The extension is working again.

future plans:
Custom audio:let you put your own sounds.
Audio library:chose the sounds from a list.
Sound maker:let you make your own sounds.
Spacial sounds: for some sites there will be sounds
like when a video is loading in YouTube you will have some music
it will only play when you are in the page.
More languages: please email me if you can translate or give me your email.

Sounds sources:
Window’s audio files.

[email protected]

You can check out more information about the chrome extension on

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This chrome extension has around 7000 users and 95 reviews.

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    make extension DeepL Translator

    Make an extension just like DeepL Translator

    Last updated: 24 December 2019
    Author: ,[email protected],WKurniawan
    Price: Free
    This plugin is quite popular with daily reviews of 0.4286
    We give you below the actual useful information:
    This is a simple extension which adds a repeat button (trigger loop play) for HTML5 video players on youtube pages.
    Update(4/13): Integrate with Youtube built-in loop.

    You can find more information about this chrome extension using

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