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Last updated: 6 June 2019
Author:,[email protected],braingainsoft
Price: Free
This chrome extension is very popular with daily reviews of +- 0.1429
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Want to learn more around creating your own plugins. We’ve got you covered.

This extension has around 30000 users and 3771 reviews.

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    develop plugin Email Extractor

    Make an extension just like Email Extractor

    Last updated: 19 January 2020
    Author: ,[email protected],Unified Address Book
    Price: Uses in-app payments
    This chrome extension is quite popular with each days reviews of +- 1.4286
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    A comfortable new tab for your browser.

    Have you ever wondered how many times a day the browser start page flickers before your eyes? Probably hundreds and even thousands of times. However, whatever this number may be, subsequently installing the New Tab – Toyota extension it will increase significantly. Because you will want to open a new tab again and again to admire its contents.

    New Tab – Toyota is a browser extension that is favored by users around the world for a convenient, comfortable and minimal design.

    On the start and home pages of the browser you are expected:
    Wallpaper of the highest resolution with the ability to choose a new background by downloading an image from your computer;
    The visual bookmarks panel with which you can go to important and frequently visited sites with just one click;
    The search bar provides quick access to the world’s largest Internet search engine.

    New Tab – Toyota – an extension for the Google Chrome™ browser that opens special options for customizing a new tab. Save sites to the access panel, mainly with one click, without typing the site address in the address bar; Using the Google™ search bar in a new tab will directly facilitate and help improve your productivity. A magnificent wallpaper will give an image to your web browser, there is also the ability to download your own design from your computer, which will decorate your start page in your browser.

    Expansion options:

    1. Shortcuts

    Save your necessary sites to the bookmarks bar of the New Tab – Toyota in the Google Chrome™ browser. Each web page is added to bookmarks with one click, which allows you to organize the work of a new tab for your own need. By default, the extension has shortcuts in the visual bookmarks panel: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Gmail.

    How to add a shortcut

    1.Click “add shortcut” on the bookmarks bar in the center of the screen in the browser.
    2.In the window that opens, enter using the keyboard or “paste text”: name – the name of the shortcut as it will be displayed on the bookmarks bar; URL – site name, example: After filling in these items, click “Finish.”
    You will see the created shortcut in the bookmarks bar in the center of the screen in the browser. If you do not like it, follow the steps above, starting from step 1, to change the shortcut. Edit shortcuts by moving the cursor over the bookmark icon, the … icon will appear in the upper right corner of the shortcut, click on it.

    How to remove a shortcut

    You can check out more details about this extension on

    Want to know more about developing your self-made plugins. We have the solution.

    This extension has around 30000 users and 355 reviews.

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