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Last updated: 10 April 2019
Author: ,[email protected],Philip Prophet
Price: Free
This plugin is very popular with each days reviews of +- 0.0000
We present here the most important data:
transliterate/romanize Arabic input on Western keyboards, optimal/univocal map
enter Arabic script using Arabeasy; one letter per key, efficient for Latin keyboards and smartphones

MAJOR innovations:
‘ ء e ة G غ o ع w ش c ص D ض H ح x خ Sش Tط jز w ث _ taweel a)u)i) or âûî or àùì ُ ِ َ N ً áA أ éE آ íI إ úU ؤ ýY ئ V ۋ
includes less used letters:
kashida/taweel _
shadda · (type double hyphen “–“, interpunct or U+00B7, SHIFT-3 on Spanish keyboard)
fathatan N
fatha damma kasra a)u)i) àùì âûî

p=پ (U+067E) J=ژ (U+0698) R=ڑ (U+0691) X=چ (U+0686) yy=ی (U+06CC – i)
K=گ (U+06AF) kk=ک (U+06A9)
Urdu only
F=ٹ (U+0679) v=ھ (U+06BE) B=ڈ (U+0688) nn=ں (U+06BA – N) ee=ے (U+06D2 – e)

for FIREFOX users: the Transliterator plugin with Arabeasy setting works well

version 1.34: added “–” for inputting shadda
version 1.35: improved Farsi/Urdu compatibility
version 1.37: switched H-v, S-w, áéíúý=AEIUY (Arabeasy ħđƶǵśṇţť=HDZGSNTw)

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This extension has around 23 users and 2 reviews.

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