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Last updated: 13 February 2020
Author: ,,ЗАО “Сигнал-КОМ”
Price: Free
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There are three occupations in the world, the most sacred, one is the teacher, the teacher teaches and educates people, and the flowers of the country are painstaking; one is the doctor, the doctor saves the wounded and the wounded, the white angel hangs the pot and rejuvenates the hand; the last one is the soldier, the soldier guards the soil and protects the family, and wears the military uniform. Dead cover flag! Nothing is quiet, but some people are carrying weights for us.
Nothing is quiet, but some people are carrying weights for us.
They can always come forward in the place where the motherland and the people need it most and when they need it most. The “serving the people” is their firm belief.
They use the blood and loyalty to write the true meaning of life. They will never betray the motherland and the people. They have blood of loyalty in their bodies. They will use their lives to defend the security and unity of the motherland.

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This chrome extension has around 941 users and 1 reviews.

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