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Last updated: 23 May 2019
Author:,,Gamehag Developers Team
Price: Free
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ONCE UPON A TIME New Tab Wallpapers – Brought to you by once upon a time fans.

Dont miss my once upon a time theme and enjoy varied high quality pics of once upon a time, each and every time you open a newtab.

★ So what can you get from this once upon a time theme?
First you can find a varied range of once upon a time pics in high quality.
You can mix all images, or, mix your favored once upon a time pics only.
Feel Free to choose out random pic option & enjoy your new screensaver with once upon a time pics.
Additionally, you may want to choose other theme via this once upon a time newtab changer button.

Secondly, this theme supplies you with a variety of different links like kahoot, roblox, discord, prodigy, cool math games, google classroom, youtube, friv you can use right on the once upon a time theme. Date, time & weather forecast may be added on once upon a time newtab if you decides.

Finally, this features included in this once upon a time theme are free!
If there is anything your will like to add to this once upon a time theme, feel free to share it with us! This once upon a time app doesn’t come with ads or any catch!

Our app will change your default new tab with a new tab of once upon a time pics.

You can check out more details about this extension on

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This chrome extension has around 900000 users and 5198 reviews.

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