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Last updated: 16 July 2017
Price: Free
This chrome extension is quite popular with daily reviews of 0.1250
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This extension enables users to rename subject of your emails in Gmail.
Here is how it works:
– select the email or emails you wish to rename,
– click on rename button,
– write a new email subject.

Have you ever received an email whose subject is very unclear, or gave you a different idea and you want to label it properly so that you can search for it more easily later on?

We help you stay organized by letting you rename email subject headlines.

– The sender won’t know that you’ve changed the email subject (unless you reply back with the new subject line).
– It can be used to break up a long conversation thread.
– It’s easy to remember what idea you thought of when you received an email by renaming it with that idea to refer back to later on. 🙂

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This chrome extension has around 2000 users and 10 reviews.

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