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Last updated: 21 July 2013
Author: ,,
Price: Free
This plugin is very popular with each days reviews of +- 0.0667
I present here the recent important data:
Note: you must use the Chrome Beta channel or later for the plugin to work.

The extension consists of three keyboard shortcuts:

* Alt-Shift-O: Close Other Tabs
* Alt-Shift-R: Close Tabs to the Right
* Alt-Shift-P: Pin Tab

Note: A separate extension, tabloid, adds the following shortcuts to Chrome

* Move Tab Right
* Move Tab Left
* Move Tab to First Position
* Move Tab to Last Position

Chrome extensions currently only allow for a maximum of four shortcuts, which is why they are not included in tabasco.

You can fetch tabloid here:

You can find more information about this extension on

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This chrome extension has around 1000 users and 48 reviews.

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