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Last updated: 26 January 2020
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– Hi all, it seems that Facebook is planning a big change to Messenger, which may include If that happens, this extension will invariably break. If Facebook provides their own dark theme, then I’d love to thank everyone who used and contributed to this extension and it was fun while it lasted! If there is still no native night theme supported, I will try my best to re-establish functionality within 1-2 weeks or so. Please understand that it may take some time. Cheers, love you all.

– Secondly, because of the shocking number of copy-cat extensions out there, I’ve decided to hide the source code of this extension BUT if you have any concerns, please shoot me a message and I’d be happy to show you the code.


– There are some users who understandably are concerned about one of the permissions requested from this extension. At the time of this extension’s initial dev, accessing the Tabs API – which was necessary for me to make sure this extension ONLY activates on and not your other websites as you browse around – sent the warning message to users that I’d be able to “read your browsing history.” This extension doesn’t actually ingest/read/track/save your history in ANY way.

– In any case, I believe the Tabs API is no longer necessary to enable this functionality, so I’ve begun to roll out a release that reduces the requested permissions. If you are still concerned, please feel free to message me at [email protected] I take user privacy seriously. At the same time, this is a side project for me, so I ask your patience as I try to get to your request. Cheers.

Night Messenger is an UNOFFICIAL Night Mode for

Simply click the icon to use.

As of v1.2.5, this extension can be now considered “stable”.

1. Install by clicking “Add To Chrome.”
2. Go to and sign in. (If you already have the window open, refresh it!)
3. Click the extension’s icon.
4. You should now be in Night Mode. Yay!

– UPDATED EXTENSION ICON: Let’s face it, it looks pretty basic right now.


v1.3.3 – Some color fixes, begin deploying reduced permissions.
v1.3.2 – Enabled custom colors, fixed more broken elements (from Facebook’s updates to
v1.3.1 – Facebook’s new styles (big bold text, etc) are starting to creep in. Fixed some things to clean it up! Also, added a

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This extension has around 10000 users and 130 reviews.

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