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Last updated: 16 December 2019
Author: ,,IPFS Shipyard
Price: Free
This chrome extension is very popular with daily reviews of +- 0.1250
We give you below the most useful information:
Great New Tab Wallpaper!! This changes the default new tab with tons of wallpapers!

This BTS BT21 Wallpapers HD New Tab with new and unique wallpapers added to the collection. And each wallpaper backgrounds is resized to fit with any screen and add on.

How about to installation :
* Select your preferred theme from a number of available high resolution, or get a new wallpaper on each tab. Get the time, date & weather forecast can also be shown on the new tab if you need it.
* You can the extension provides quick navigation to your most visited sites, Chrome apps like Hotmail, Gmail or quick reminder with To-Do List right on the theme.
* Shuffle all of the pics, or, shuffle your preferred images gallery only. Make your own tab experience, with lots of fun addon.
* Quick and simple interface.
* You can enjoy all these features for free.

After extension installation every time you will open a new tab you will see this BTS BT21 Wallpapers HD New Tab.

If you wish to remove this extension,it’s not a problem. Click on your extensions icon, look for the extension and remove it.

We like to provide a good user experience to users by developing free and enjoy it. If you enjoy our wallpapers extension, Please, do not forget to rate us, leave a comment. Our extension does not include ads or any hidden catch!

You can check out more details about this chrome extension using

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This extension has around 8000 users and 28 reviews.

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