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Last updated: 7 January 2020
Author:,,Callum Locke
Price: Free
This extension is very popular with daily reviews of 0.1250
I present below the actual important data:
– No more blank icons next to your bookmarks.
– Customize favicons for almost any webpage or website.
– Choose favicons for a single page or the entire site.
– No complex regular expressions to match urls with.
– Changes favicons on all your bookmarks and tabs without needing to refresh.
– Use almost any image format, from the internet, or your computer.
– Automatically resizes your images to favicon size and provides a preview.
– Updates old or outdated favicons that are stuck in the cache.
– Choose your own default favicon to use if none exists.
– Choose to remove all favicons, using one favicon for everything.
– Add favicons for links that are not webpages, such as pictures, songs or videos.
– Add favicons for links on your local hard drive as well.
– No need to mess around with confusing configuration files.
– A safe and secure extension that does not reveal your folders or files.
– Fully featured options page with multiple views and choices.
– Easy to use interface with detailed error handling.
– Saves all your settings and loads them automatically.
– Simple interface with intuitive features and options.
– Use as a manager and organizer for all your custom bookmark favicons.
– Limited time offer: Free to download for testing.
– Usage details: Designed for Windows. Does not work with Mac.
– If you have any problems or recommendations, please let me know and I will try to fix them.
– Any feedback over bugs or requests for improvements are welcomed.
– If you like the extension and find it helpful, please comment and rate it.

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This chrome extension has around 40000 users and 464 reviews.

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