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Last updated: 8 March 2019
Author: ,,The Chrome team
Price: Free
This extension is very popular with daily reviews of 5.3750
We present below the most important information:
We are not just a proxy list provider, we are advocates for internet freedom since 2006. Our extension contain 22 servers from 5 different countries which can be used by anyone FREE of charge. No email, No registration, No prepayment is required! You will instantly get a Shared PIN to start using the service.

Optionally you can generate a Personal PIN (FREE of charge) which gives you ability to select a server within a country and connection priority (higher speed).

Service is 100% FREE and funded by voluntary donations. Every contributor (for their generosity and support) is rewarded with exclusive privileges: UNLIMITED speed and ACCESS to all 134 servers.

Do not worry, if you cannot help a project financially, you can still contribute by spreading the word! Share Extension and get a Contributor PIN for free.

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This plugin has around 60000 users and 1943 reviews.

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    outsource plugin Just Black

    Create an extension similar to Just Black

    Last updated: 23 November 2018
    Author: ,,The Chrome team
    Price: Free
    This chrome extension is very popular with daily reviews of +- 0.4286
    I give you below the most important data:
    After application installation every time you will open a new tab you will see this app boston terrier wallpapers new tab.

    Double your fun. Enjoy the seriously stunning theme for boston terrier and enjoy premium games while doing so.

    This app has a tons of themes and wallpapers like boston puppy. With new wallpapers added to the gallery all the time. So you’ll get a new mastiff drawing wallpapers weekly for your chrome browser. And each wallpapers is designed to fit with any screen and addon.

    Boston terrier new tabs features:
    simple and effortless accessibility to your most visited web sites such as google, instagram, tumblr pinterest and so a lot more. If you want you can even customize your own easy websites gallery. Pick your favorite theme from many available uhd – ultra hd price frenchie wallpapers, or get a new wallpaper on every new tab. Minimal & beautiful ui. Get your hands on the greatest games addon with 100+ mini-games. I’m adding new imgs every day like boxer corgi and more. All pics are 4k & responsive. Support any screen resolution, including (and not limited to) large screens: full hd 1080p – 1920x1080px and ultra hd 4k – 3840x2160px.

    Disclaimer: this extension is made by boston terrier fans, and it is unofficial. The content in this app is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by any company. This extension is mainly for entertainment and for all tibetan blue superfans to enjoy these boston terrier new tabs.

    No more looking for the perfect place to get your favorite chihuahua frenchton boston terrier themes. This boston terrier extension is the greatest you will get you hands on!

    If you liked my boston terrier wallpapers extension please support us by rating it and leaving your feedback.

    You can check out more details about the chrome extension using

    Want to learn more about making your own plugins. We have the know-how.

    This plugin has around 80000 users and 290 reviews.

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