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Last updated: 3 November 2017
Author: ,,Fox Islam
Price: Free
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Track your hours directly from Chrome or your favorite project management apps with a timer.

actiTIME Overview

actiTIME is a time tracking and scope management tool that provides a convenient way to keep track of work hours, manage project scope and run detailed reports on collected data to analyze business performance.

Track hours in Chrome

Our free extension adds a timer to your Chrome browser that allows you to easily track your hours without having to constantly access your actiTIME app. Just select a task, start the timer and get on with your work!

Integrate with your favorite apps

Track time in your favorite project management apps without leaving the tab! Whether you’re using JIRA, GitHub or other supported apps in your Chrome browser, the extension will add a convenient timer to that tool, so you can capture your hours directly from whatever task, project or issue you’re working on.

How it works

To use the extension you’ll need an actiTIME account. Once you add the extension to Chrome, you’ll just need to sign in with your actiTIME username and password, pick which apps you’d like to integrate with, and then simply click on the timer to start tracking hours to your actiTIME tasks.

If you’re having any issues with the extension or would like to share your feedback, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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This chrome extension has around 5000 users and 128 reviews.

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