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Last updated: 27 September 2018
Author:,[email protected],
Price: Free
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I present here the most important information:
This application functionality will change the default new tab with a new tab of kpop red velvet tabs.

Welcome to kpop red velvet app! A new wallpapers application with a huge collection of mesmerizing pictures kpop red velvet! If you are one of those who really loves kpop red velvet, you’ve found the right application.

This app has a very large gallery of wallpapers and backgrounds like wendy cream. With fresh new tabs added to the gallery weekly. So you will get a new joy cake wallpapers weekly for your tab. Each wallpapers is re-sized to fit with any screen and add on.

What makes kpop red velvet extension truly amazing:
anti boredom widget with cool games. You’ll never be disappointed with an app designed with the user in mind. Pick your preferred background from many available high definition irene ice themes, or get a new wallpaper on each new tab. Quick & easy accessibility to your preferred used web sites like google, instagram, twitter google+ and a lot more. If you want you may also customize your own easy accesses sites.

Soon we will add icons, alarms and notification sounds to our application.

This is not just another backgrounds and wallpapers extension, offering the same usual images of seulgi red.

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This plugin has around 40000 users and 192 reviews.

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