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Last updated: 8 September 2018
Price: Free
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β˜… Use the best PDF tools:
– Funded by DARPA (inventors of the Internet) and the US National Science Foundation.
– Use the same software the largest PDF companies use.
– Just click on the function you want, and convert, create or modify your PDF.
– Use our PDF SDK to create your own PDF apps with no coding.
– Edit multi-page PDFs with the full functionality of a Word Editor.

β˜… We give you Complete Privacy:
– No need to download any software.
– No sign in necessary.
– We delete your files shortly after you download them for your total privacy.
– We will not bother you with emails, phone calls or solicitations for using the free service.

β˜… Convert PDF to Word:
– Convert your PDF to the most accurate Word document.
– Preserve paragraphs, fonts, tables, columns, lists and more.
– Copy, reuse and edit your Word document.
– After editing, you can go back to our site and create another PDF.

β˜… Here’s how you edit multi-page PDFs with ease:
– Convert your PDF to Word.
– Edit your new Word document with a fully functional editor like Word.
– All your headings, text, tables, columns, and fonts will be re-flowed automatically across pages.
– Create a new flawless PDF from the Word document.

β˜… Create PDF:
– Create the most authentic PDF from your Office documents. Your PDF will look exactly like the original Word, PowerPoint, Excel document.
– Margins, header, footers, table, graphics and list will be an exact facsimile in the PDF.

β˜… Manage your PDF Files:
– Merge multiple PDFs into one logical PDF document.
– Merge Word, PPT, Excel with your PDF.
– Split your PDF into multiple sections quickly.

β˜… Convert your PDF to searchable HTML:
– Convert your PDF to the most accurate HTML.
– Publish the HTML as a searchable web page.

β˜… For Developers: Write your own customized PDF apps without coding:
– Build your own PDF apps to create, convert and manage PDF.
– Download the easyPDF and easyConverter SDK.
– Run the Action Center.
– Select the programming language you want (C#, Java, PHP, Python).
– Select the features you want in your PDF app.
– Create and download your customized PDF app.
– Generate code to include in your project.

By installing the extension, you agree to PDF Online’s Privacy and Terms (

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This chrome extension has around 200000 users and 26104 reviews.

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