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make chrome Minecraft Theme – New Tab Customization

Create an extension similar to Minecraft Theme – New Tab Customization

Last updated: 25 November 2019
Author:,[email protected],Xeri Media Group | XMG
Price: Free
This plugin is very popular with daily reviews of +- 0.0714
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Fashion It is a simple Chrome Extension that gives online shoppers the chance to visually search apparel items and find sewing patterns.

This product is for the crafty crafter. You know, the ones that are “sew crazy” about hemming and catchstitches. It lets them — and just about anyone, really– search for patterns so they can hand make a shirt that caught their eye.

You can find more information about this chrome extension on

Want to know more around making your own extensions. We have the know-how.

This chrome extension has around 1000 users and 9 reviews.

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