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Last updated: 24 September 2015
Author:,,Enjoy The Madness
Price: Free
This chrome extension is quite popular with daily reviews of +- 0.1429
I give you here the most important information:
v1.0.8.x – “Can’t Touch This”

v1.0.8.0 – Thursday, June 30, 2016
– Revamped the design of the Update page and the Options page: wider layout, larger/more readable words, and intuitive buttons. On the new Options page you are able to toggle between Grouped and List views by clicking on the button in the top-right corner.
– Fingerprinting Protection section contains the following options (all disabled by default, one or two have been added since v1.0.7.15):
— Canvas Fingerprint Protection – protect against fingerprinting attempts through elements, with the following options:
—— Disabled
—— Blank Readout (serve an empty canvas with the original dimensions)
—— Random Readout (serve an empty canvas with random dimensions)
—— Completely Block Readout (refuse to serve any data)
— Block Audio Fingerprinting – prevent fingerprinting via the AudioContext API
— Block WebGL Fingerprinting – prevent fingerprinting via the WebGL API
— Block Battery Fingerprinting – prevent fingerprinting via the Battery API
— Block Device Enumeration – prevent having hardware devices detected via the WebRTC API
— Block Gamepad Enumeration – prevent having hardware devices detected via the Gamepad API
— Block Canvas Font Access – prevent system fonts from being enumerated through elements
— Block Client Rectangles Fingerprinting – prevent fingerprinting through calculating element client rectangles)
— Reduce Keyboard Fingerprinting (for advanced users) – make keypress timings more random to increase anonymity (note: adds a random delay between keypresses))
— I recommend enabling all of the above options (except the last two) for increased privacy, and based on your needs disable the options that interfere with your usage.
– Added Remove Google Analytics (UTM) Tracking option (under Privacy Settings) – remove Google Analytics (UTM) tracking tokens before they’re actually passed to the server (disabled by default)
– Added Remove Possible Hash Tracking option (under Privacy Settings) – remove possible tracking tokens passed using hash, where there is an attribute and value (e.g. #xtor=RSS-1) (disabled by default)
– Added Spoof Timezone option (under Privacy Settings) – spoof or randomize your timezone; useful if you use VPN (disabled by default)
– Added Prevent Clipboard Interference option (under Behavior Settings) – prevent pages from interfering with clipboard actions (disabled by default)
– Added option to apply user-agent spoofing

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This plugin has around 60000 users and 228 reviews.

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