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Last updated: 19 August 2016
Author: ,,Smart Software
Price: Free
This plugin is quite popular with each days reviews of 0.1429
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urlNext is simple navigator button that ease you to do sequences pages (next page) based on link in the page or the URL of the page.
The urlNeXT button will simple shown when it find previous/next link or numbers on the URL that you browse to. By clicking the button it will bring you to the next page.

As example if you are browse to
by clicking the urlNeXT button will bring you to

Or you can use hot keys:

At first, urlNeXT will use link found on the page for previous or next link. If it does not found the link, the url numbers will be used.

There is an animated page with arrow indicate the action occurred. The arrow may have 2 background color:
– Blue is mean scanned linked is used
– Green is mean numbers on the url is used
If you feel this animation consumes much cpu, please let me know your CPU, GPU, OS, Chrome version. The animation is purely css (script only trigger to start the animation), so it’s really depend to the chrome it-self how the animation being handled.

For news,update, and/or response on comments, you can read at

Please see the change log below for feature list.

If you find any problem and want to let me know, please don’t just say “It’s not work”. Please give more detail, at least the url that you browse.

Change Log:
Version 1.7.6 (14 Aug 2014)
– No new feature, just fixing to compatible with Goole Code Practice, otherwise it will not work

Version 1.7.5 (6 Aug 2014)
– Nothing changed except Chrome Extension meta as Google want update some meta files

Version 1.7.4 (15 June 2012)
– Update scan mechanism for Google Search, as Google may use some different page location.
– Change the animation arrow following Google Chrome animation in Mac OS X when using swipe gesture on back and forward history.

Version 1.7.3 (23 November 2011)
– Little tweak over link scanner to cover some sites.

Version 1.7.2 (4 November 2011)
– Link Scanner now scan https page. This only because now chrome by default use https in search page. So to be able activate link scanner, we have to allow the https being injected.

Version 1.7.1 (16 September 2011)
– Preload arrow image, fix on some occasion that the arrow not shown.
– Add layer that pulled by the arrow to visualized new page is pulled for next/previous page.

Version 1.7 (14 September 2011)
– Animated arrow on next or previous action. T

You can check out more details about this chrome extension on

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This plugin has around 1000 users and 40 reviews.

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