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Last updated: 24 August 2018
Author:,[email protected],Funny NEW TAB Wallpapers Team
Price: Free
This chrome extension is very popular with daily reviews of 0.1250
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This extension focuses on searching. If you have many bookmarks and folders, you can easily access by searching. Of course, beside searching, It’s full of useful functions.

This extension stems from my extensive experience of Chrome bookmarks. Since Using it, I found myself struggling with missing functions such as searching for special characters.

I’m not sure there might be someone like me using thousands of bookmarks. If you’re a bookmarkholic like me, I bet you’ll find how powerful this could be.

I hope many of you find usefulness in this extension.



Basic filter options
– Filter by page or folder visibility
– Sort by hierarchy, title, url, added date
– Search by date
Advanced search options
– Highlights queries in result items
– Case sensitive
– Limit scope
– more …
Badge Display (you can select in option)
– Same Domain Bookmark Number
– Total Bookmark Number
– Today Bookmark Number
Providing additional view for preview or dnd(drag and drop)
Can search with any special characters
Search history

Summary of keyboard shortcuts

– Ctrl + a : select all
– Ctrl + c : copy
– Ctrl + x : cut
– Ctrl + v : paste
– Ctrl + s : edit search box
– Ctrl + e : edit item
– Ctrl + f : add folder
– Ctrl + b : add page
– Ctrl + Shift + a : append/remove view
– Ctrl + r : reset icon toolbar options
– Delete : delete item
– Left arrow / Backspace : explore backward
– Right arrow : explore forward


– Clicking a page icon opens the page in the current tab
– Clicking a page icon with Ctrl key opens the page in another tab
– Clicking a page icon with Shift key opens the page in another window
– Clicking a folder icon opens the folder in the current view
– Clicking a folder icon with Ctrl key opens the folder in the other view (only if you appended View)

Patch list:

– released

– Added date limit
– Preview also prints item count
– Fixed an issue when opening pages on a new window

– Optimized Search
– Fixed an issue where scroll remained when exploring or searching

– Fixed an issue where the number of deleted items was shown as NaN
– Fixed an issue where Preview

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This plugin has around 50000 users and 12 reviews.

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