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Last updated: 19 August 2019
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Learning languages should be easy. This is why we created the Kypsis Language Immersion Extension for Chrome.

Now you can learn languages just by browsing the web. That way you’ll learn the vocabulary you actually use and need to know.

+++ HOW IT WORKS +++

The extension translates a percentage of the text on web pages to the language you want to learn. It doesn’t translate the whole page as to not overwhelm you. This way you can determine the meaning of the word from context. To see the original word just hover the translation.

Note that when you print out a web page the translations are ignored – you’ll still be printing the original page.


– Choose between translating words or sentences
– Set the maximum percentage of the text to be translated
– Ignore the most frequently used words in English
– Over 60 languages to choose from
– Language auto-detection

+++ PRIVACY +++

We DO NOT collect statistics about the websites you visit and we never will. The warning dialog you see during installation comes from the fact that in order to translate part of the web pages it is necessary to first read the page and then send it to translation. Again – it is completely anonymous and we do not store (or even access to) any info from the web pages you visit.

However, in order to improve the service, we do optionally collect anonymous data about the extension settings (the language to be translated to, for example). You can opt out from the extension settings.

You can find more details about the chrome extension using

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This chrome extension has around 307 users and 16 reviews.

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