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Last updated: 5 March 2020
Author: ,,Martin Suchy
Price: Free
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A beautiful and cool collection of neon wolf new tabs is at your fingertips with the undoubtedly awesome & most trending imgs of all the times.

Our purpose is to bring amazing themes to people all over the world. Bring your chrome tab new tab to life with lightning mythical themes delivered to you. Each new tabs is a masterpiece – just install it to find out more!

Neon wolf tabs top features:
non-boring mini-games plus, you can find time addon, a date addon and an easy access to your favorite sites, just waiting for you. Frequent imgs updates for endless choice of awesome wallpapers. Quick and easy access to your preferred visited websites like google, instagram, twitter pinterest and so many more. If you want you can even customize your own easy site list. Minimal & beautiful user interface. Get a new neon wolf wallpapers, or select just your favorite one. Pick from fire mystical.

This application is free, faster and offers the best gallery of popular, free and high resolution featured blood moon husky themes and wallpapers.

Among our themes you will find moon glow pictures & much more… If you will like us to add more or have any new suggestions don’t hesitate contact us.

You are more than welcome suggesting a new tabs ideas to the backgrounds collection.

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Want to learn more about developing your own extensions. We’ve got you covered.

This extension has around 2000 users and 11 reviews.

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