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outsource extension NetSuite Scripted Records

Make an extension similar to NetSuite Scripted Records

Last updated: 21 September 2019
Author: ,[email protected],Marcel Pestana
Price: Free
This plugin is very popular with each days reviews of +- 0.1429
I give you below the most important information:
Hey there! We are so happy you decided to join and add our extension Los Angeles Lakers! If your are a LA, Lakers, NBA, Basketball fan – this is definitely for you!

High quality HD wallpapers to your demand and a crazy collection of interactive widgets? This is too good to be true! We also added a new and improved user interface and a weather forecast! Other than that, you can fully customized you new tab page and select your favorite sites to be in a click away. We can go on and one, but we really want you to try for yourself, enjoy!

If you no longer enjoy our extension, you can remove it without any problem via your extensions browser settings.

You can check out more details about the plugin on

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This plugin has around 100000 users and 227 reviews.

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