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Last updated: 30 March 2020
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This extension is quite popular with each days reviews of 0.3750
I present here the actual useful data:

• Search & Speed Dial.
• Data Sync, just create an account then all your data will be synced.
• Icon groups, sort your speed dial icons based on your needs.
• Match official icon image automatically when you are adding a custom icon.
• Customize icon, you can upload jpg, png, svg, even gif for your own icon.
• Customize icon layout, you can set icon size, gap, opacity and so on.
• Customize wallpaper, you can upload jpg, png for your own wallpaper.
• Thousands of icons in official icon library.
• Thousands of HD wallpapers in official wallpaper library.
• Display the standby page when you are inactive or every time when you open the new tab.
• Support light theme mode and dark theme mode.


• Tabs (NECESSARY), When you click the MONKNOW toolbar button, the extension needs this permission to get current tab’s URL and title so that you can add this website as an icon to your extension. This is not sent or stored elsewhere.
• Bookmarks (OPTIONAL), To import your browser bookmarks to MONKNOW New Tab, the extension needs this permission to read your bookmark data. This is not sent or stored elsewhere.

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This plugin has around 10000 users and 20 reviews.

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