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Last updated: 26 December 2019
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Do you often want to check Facebook, and then find yourself disappearing for hours as you are consumed by the bottomless pit that is the News Feed? Do you want your life back, but can’t bear to delete Facebook altogether?

Enter News Feed Eradicator. Your life will never be the same again.

News Feed Eradicator removes your news feed (and live ticker) and replaces it instead with an inspirational quote.


New in v1.2.1:
– You can now add bulk add multiple quotes. Thanks achen88 contributing this feature!

New in v1.0.5:
– 25 new quotes

New in v1.0.4:
– Fixes infinite scroll in chat windows on the home page.

New in v1.0.3:
– Should fix some infinite scrolling issues seen on both the homepage and other pages.

New in v1.0.2:
– High CPU and network usage should be fixed. This was caused by the infinite scrolling mechanism trying to load more posts in vain. Poor feed.

New in v1.0:
– FINALLY! As requested, you can now customise the quotes or disable them entirely!
– Add/remove your own quotes, disable the builtin quotes
– Now works on
Thanks to those that contributed fixes in this release!

New in v0.6:
– Information panel with link to instructions for uninstalling the extension. Click the “News Feed Eradicator” link under the quote to see the panel.
– Trending topics hidden (0.6.1 – thanks @thowar2)
– New quotes (0.6.2)


β€œIt’s easy to quit Facebook. I’ve done it hundreds of times.” ~ Mark Twain

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This chrome extension has around 1000000 users and 161 reviews.

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