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Last updated: 5 January 2020
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All loving admirers of Muscle Sports Cars and Ford Mustang- Welcome to our lovely background extension of Muscle Sports Cars, hope you enjoy it!

Except for epic pics, we also added to some awesome options so you can fully enjoy it. You are a click away from all the popular sites- Social media and news, all in one place, pick out your favorite Muscle Sports Cars pics and they will be your background for as long as you like, a calendar and note board, awesome games and other fun features.

Got any questions? feedback? just wanna chat? That’s great, we are here for you. Send us a message/email. and we will get in touch with you as fast as we can!
If you no longer enjoy our Muscle Sports Cars extension, you can uninstall it without any problem on your extensions chrome settings.

Notice, by adding this Muscle Sports Cars extension to your browser, you let us alter your new tab settings – just a re-configure in style for better and faster features. Thank us later!

Have fun and enjoy with Muscle Sports Cars extension!

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This chrome extension has around 300000 users and 4690 reviews.

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