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Last updated: 13 March 2020
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This chrome extension is quite popular with each days reviews of 0.5714
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Unblock any website with our 100% Free Unlimited VPN. Enjoy true privacy and anonymity. Surf the Web without borders!

This Extension requires Tuxler Application to work. After installing this extension you will be directed to Application installation process. It’s located on our secure server and it easily installs with just a few clicks.

Tuxler changes the way we browse the Internet. It makes the Internet equal again, no matter from what country you are. It allows you to easily access any website and enjoy full browsing freedom in full privacy.

Tuxler offers amazing features like:

✔ A Huge Number Of Proxy Server Locations Available

Our server network is community-powered and it reaches is limitless, it’s growing daily. The more users use our solution, the bigger our network reach, and anonymity. With millions of downloads, we can be sure that our server selection is the biggest you have ever seen.

✔ Precise City Level Selection

Sometimes country level selection is just not enough. Choose your location precisely on the city level and surf the Web like a local user.

✔ Real VPN IPs from real ISPs

Most VPN services offer data center IPs which are easily detectable as proxies. We offer real IPs from a huge number ISPs. Thanks to this feature you can browse the Web as a real user without worrying that you may be detected and your privacy compromised.

✔ The Only Plugin Offering Full Browsing Anonymity

Tuxler is community-powered and thanks to that you are fully anonymous. Unlike regular VPN providers, Tuxler doesn’t leave any patterns and It’s impossible to determine that you are using a VPN.

✔ Equal Web Access To Everyone

Finally, a peer-to-peer VPN solution that offers full anonymity and allows to access any website by combining resources of all our community members.

✔ No Bandwidth Limits. No Ads. Unlimited And 100% Free

There are no bandwidth limits and usage is unlimited, period. Our service is 100% free and you can always get your privacy protected by simply clicking on “Connect” button. Whenever you connect to our service you can be sure that your identity is protected. We don’t serve any ads.

✔ Encrypted Connections

All connections are encrypted and anonymous so you can be sure that all your browsing is secure. It comes in handy especially for travel when you need to secure your public Wi-Fi connection.

✔ One-click Activation, No Configuration Needed

All you have to do to join our community network is click on “Connect” button. Fro

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This plugin has around 100000 users and 500 reviews.

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