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Last updated: 23 January 2020
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Delete all Facebook messages at once (or) Choose and Delete multiple messages at once.

Messenger Cleaner lets you to delete all your Facebook messages (including group messages) by one click without having to delete one by one. It even allows to Choose and Delete multiple messages at once. 

This extension makes it easier for you to optimize and clean your conversations in Facebook and if needed to fast remove whatever messages required. And you if you are tired of cleaning up your Facebook messages/conversations one by one you can delete them all with one click and empty your inbox. Remove the old messages permanently, start fresh!

**Note: Please refresh if not working in 1st attempt

Please watch following videos to get know how this app works:

Terms & Conditions:
Use “Messenger Cleaner” at your own risk. No guarantee or warranty is given. The author shall not be held liable for any damage or loss of data. Usage of this app means that you agree to these terms.  

“Facebook”, the Facebook logo, and the Messenger logo are registered trademarks of Facebook, Inc.

This software, namely “Messenger Cleaner”, has no affiliation with Facebook, Inc.

Version History
1.0.0: Bugfixing
0.0.8: Design update
0.0.6: Bug fix for freezing
0.0.5: Core bug fixes and improvements
0.0.3: Icons are updated
0.0.2: Bug fixes and improvements, Renamed: Messenger Cleaner
0.0.1: Delete All Messages(Facebook Message Cleaner) — Basic functionalities

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This chrome extension has around 10000 users and 389 reviews.

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