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Last updated: 26 December 2019
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This plugin is quite popular with each days reviews of 2.6250
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BTRoblox, or Better Roblox, is an extension that aims to enhance Roblox’s website by modifying the look and adding to the core website functionality by adding a plethora of new features.

If you have any bugs to report or features to request, send me a message on Twitter (@AntiBoomz) or on Roblox (AntiBoomz0r).

Version 2.13.2 (Mar 23rd)
• Torso is now shown better when previewing pants
• Bug fixes

Version 2.13.1 (Feb 20th)
• Added new source viewer with basic syntax highlighting to the model explorer. Double click a script in the explorer or press the ‘…’ button after long string properties in the properties panel to check it out!
• Fixed groups not loading on the profile page.
• Fixed ‘Copy Group Id’ context menu item not always appearing.
• Removed notification sound from group shout notifications, as it was causing issues when notifications were disabled or broken.
• Added a red notification bar that appears when some of the extension’s required permissions are disabled and some features do not work.
• Re-added backgrounds to badges, favorites and group panels on the profile page.

Version 2.12.5 (Jan 28th)
• Updated fast search to use newer endpoints

Version 2.12.4 (Jan 28th)
• Fixed shout filters tab
• Improved naveditor button dragging
• Improved compatibility with RTrack (

Version 2.12.2 (Jan 17th)
• Fixed shirts not being drawn properly in previewer

Version 2.12.1 (Jan 15th)
• Navigation Editor V2
• Settings popup now stays open if page is refreshed or changed
• Pressing the extension icon now opens BTR Settings
• Bugfixes

Version 2.11.9 (Oct 30th)
• Fixed broken BTR Settings

Version 2.11.8 (Oct 29th)
• Fixed profile friends list
• Fixed robux to USD on My Transactions page
• Updated robux to USD rates

Version 2.11.7 (Oct 11th)
• Marked custom themes as legacy, as they were made before Roblox had light/dark themes and don’t properly work with them. Not sure if custom themes will be supported for much longer
• Added a “legacy theme compatibility mode” that force-disables light/dark themes
• Fixed some bugs

Version 2.11.6 (Sep 10th)
• Added emote previewing
• Fixed some bugs

Version 2.11.5 (Aug 18th)
• Added sales back to bundles
• Added basic support for light theme
• Bugfixes

Version 2.11.4 (July 27th)
• Removed broken sales labels from bundles

Version 2.11.3 (July 27th)
• Fixed inventory tools
• Fixed inventory robux to us

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This extension has around 8000000 users and 1219 reviews.

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