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Last updated: 16 February 2019
Author: ,[email protected],Adrien Joly
Price: Free
This chrome extension is quite popular with each days reviews of +- 0.1429
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Prepare to take your emoji skills to the next level.

? use the most up-to-date emoji (version 11).

? search in over 7000 symbols – pictograms, math operators, accented characters, ??????? scripts, ∫Ψ?⧖⌬⎱§… Go nuts.

⌨ insert symbols directly into the focused web page or copy them to clipboard.

? built for speed – loads fast, searches even faster, bring up the keyboard with customizable hotkey (defaults to ????+?????+? / ⌘+?????+?).

☝? selectable skin tones and emoji styles (EmojiOne and native).

? arguably has the coolest logos.

Word of advice: the emoji and symbols you copy may or may not display correctly to you or the recipient, depending on what device they’re using. Most new(-ish) devices should be fine. Some websites using non-standard input methods may not accept the inserted characters, in which case you can use the clipboard (????+? or ⌘+?).

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This chrome extension has around 22 users and 1 reviews.

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